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27th November 2018

The whole school community went to visit the members of The Stroke Club to sing Christmas songs and carols. It was a lovely event and the children took time to talk with the members of the club and tell them about what they had been doing in school. It was wonderful to see so many smiling faces and it helped to get us all feeling very Christmassy!



20th November 2018

As part of our commitment to provide opportunities for our Most Able children to extend and enhance their learning, some of our most talented artists attended an art enrichment day at Chilmark School. The children learned how to draw with quills and we are sure you will agree that their pieces are wonderful. 



31st October 2018

As part of our PSHE curriculum focussing on caring for objects, people and living things, Gail from Animal Aid came to our school today to teach us how to look after animals and what we can do to help protect our natural environment. The children all had the opportunity to participate in workshops and asked some really insightful questions. Thank you to Gail for giving up her time!





16th October 2018

Thank you to everyone who attended our Harvest Festival. It was lovely to see so many of you supporting the children and joining with us to express our gratefulness for this year's wonderful harvest. In church, we were treated to a song from the Wrens, a book recital from the Robins, a poem from the Owls and Harvest facts from the Kites. Well done to all the children!


 Wren Class


Robin Class


Kite Class


A special mention must go to Diego who very kindly helped to set up the donations we received. Thank you, Diego!


12th October 2018


Dr Riggins very kindly came to school to teach Kite Class about microscopes and the living things we have in our school pond. The children all enjoyed learning how to move the plates, adjust the light and view the items on the plates of the microscope. Thank you very much to Dr Riggins for giving up her time to teach the children such valuable scientific skills. 




11th October 2018


Today we welcomed Oumar from Mandika Roots to teach us African drumming as part of our learning during Black History Month. We all had a fantastic time learning to drum, singing traditional Senegalese call and respond chants and dancing. Some children have already returned home and asked their parents to buy them a drum so that they can continue their learning! 






Cluster MAT Art Day at Semley

Cluster MAT Art Day at Semley 1 Charley's insect
Cluster MAT Art Day at Semley 2 Reilly's insect

Sports Week

What a fantastic week of physical activity!  We tried rugby, football, fencing, gymnastics, cheerleading, Zumba, netball, swimming, rounders and dance and enjoyed them all. 

World Book Day

Thank you to all the volunteers who came along to read with our children for World Book Day. Everyone had a great time and all enjoyed a hot chocolate afterwards.

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Picture 2
Picture 3
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Picture 9

Halloween Disco

Halloween Disco 1
Halloween Disco 2
Halloween Disco 3
Halloween Disco 4
Halloween Disco 5
Halloween Disco 6
Halloween Disco 7
Halloween Disco 8
Halloween Disco 9
Halloween Disco 10
Halloween Disco 11
Halloween Disco 12

Shaftesbury Carnival 2015

Shaftesbury Carnival 2015 1
Shaftesbury Carnival 2015 2
Shaftesbury Carnival 2015 3

We had a great time at the Carnival on Saturday 4th October.  Our theme was Happy Birthday Ludwell to celebrate our school's 140th birthday.  The cake looked amazing thanks to the hard work of Mrs Robson and her team of helpers.  Many thanks too to Mrs Webber and Mrs Davies - we all looked great in our birthday t-shirts - and everyone who took part in bringing this event together.  We won 4th prize this year (well - we had to give the others a chance!) and I expect the thinking caps will be on again soon for next year's theme.

Well done to everyone!