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'Thank you for all your kindness, support and good humour over the years.  Ludwell School has been 'a home-from-home' for our children and we will always be grateful.'  (Parent)

Singapore Maths Method- Maths No Problem

'I felt the need to write to express how grateful and delighted my husband and I are that this method of teaching has been introduced into the school.......My child has always struggled in Maths.  As she struggles she has not enjoyed it and has had a very negative relationship with the subject.  Mrs Hutchinson and Singapore Maths has transformed her.  Not only has her achievement been higher, her attitude, confidence and determination has flourished and we could not be happier.......We have considered private tuition in the past as we know how stretched schools can be and you cannot always provide the 1:1 a student my need.  This no longer an option as we are both confident that you have found a way to help every child which is incredible'