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Eco Schools

17th May 2019

Our Eco Committee had a most enjoyable time visiting Dr Riggins and Mrs Elson who showed us their very impressive grounds.


It was great to see the swallows nesting, view the blue tits via the camera installed in the bird box, to walk through the bluebell woods and to learn about making a toadery. There are lots of ideas we can use in school to make our grounds and environment more of a haven for plants and wildlife.


Our first job is to install our own bird box with a camera so we can view this in our new library via a laptop. We would also like to create an area to attract bees and butterflies.


Thank you so much to Elinor's mother and grandmother for giving so generously of their time. 




Eco Action Day

Solar Schools


Staff and children came back from the summer break to find that solar panels had been installed on our roof, thanks to Mr Ecclestone's quick action to make sure we didn't miss the opportunity before the proposed government changes. 


We are now well on our way to raising the £12,500 we need for the panels, thanks to representatives from our Eco Committe convincing the parish council to give us a grant of £6000, which we are very grateful for. We will be holding lots of fundraising events, so please support us!





Solar Schools launch